Our program is unique in that we combine food distribution with suicide prevention. Medical studies have shown that poor diet is related to depression and other mental illness, not to mention other physical diseases.

During a family fun filled event in the local community, we not only bring in healthy food to distribute but also suicide prevention materials.

Through suicide seminars held in local communities we are able to empower people with the tools necessary to deal with their immediate thought life and patterns.

Governor Walker

Our program will alleviate hunger statewide in low income and climate challenged areas of the state. Food distribution will compensate where there has been lack of employment and harvest of wildlife, low income and at the same time see suicide statistics lower statewide.

There are many families that experience financial shortages due to death of spouse, divorce, homeless, very high fuel bills, medical bills, and un-employment, etc. They find themselves having to go without basic food items. We will be able to assist in compensating in the area of food shortage, while at the same time giving them food for the soul with hope and purpose.

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