Dr. Maria Krinock founded Lifeline Outreach in 2001 after seeing the extreme prices of food in the villages of Alaska and the climate change effecting the subsistence lifestyle for the people, she saw a need.  As she traveled the villages of Alaska helping in the areas of food, she also found another great need… suicide prevention.

Dr. Maria comes out of a life of depression, addiction and suicide, and has been given great insight into these areas of life.  Through seminars and teaching is able to empower leaders and others to overcome these negative life-sources.

Dr. Maria has authored the book “Your Unseen Enemy Revealed” that directly address’ suicide and depression with her personal life story and teaching.  This book is already being used as a tool to counsel and lead people out of the path of suicide and into a life of peace and hope.

Her book is currently circulating in over 30 villages of Alaska and Dr. Maria continues to do seminars in Anchorage, Fairbanks and state-wide in surrounding villages.

Dr. Maria still today, delivers healthy foods such as fresh produce, meat, poultry and other healthy food items to areas of Alaska in food hardships as well as distributes her book, “Your Unseen Enemy Revealed” for free.

Hear what people are saying about the book…


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Dr. Maria Krinock has written the definitive work on the subject of suicide and how to approach the treatment and permanent healing from a spiritual perspective. This work should be on the desk of every professional involved with helping people. Very little has been written about this subject and certainly nothing with this degree of clarity and insight with the power to permanently deliver the suicidal individual from the spirit of suicide.

~Dr. Sammi J. Ripley
Bangor, Maine 

“This insightful and inspirational book provides a spiritual solution to the problem of suicide among the natives in Alaska and anywhere for that matter! This very personal story is a must read to anyone thinking of taking their own life.  Read it: the life you save may be your own.” 

~Reverend William H. Nicholson
Sr. Pastor, Anchorage Moravian Church

Suicide is epidemic in Alaska and leaves a wide swath of destruction in its wake.  Dr Krinock’s testimony and life experience recorded in this book will be a good tool in helping to correct this problem.  I highly recommend anyone dealing with suicidal thoughts to read this book.

~ Pastor Dick Strutz, Anchorage, Alaska 

Thanks to Dr. Maria Krinock, we now have spiritual insights in how to be free from the spirit of suicide. Please read and share her story with your family and friends. 

~Pastor Lowell Sage Jr
Kivalina Alaska Friends Church
Alaska Statewide Suicide Prevention Council , member


Over the past 30 years of ministry I have struggled with a definitive way to help bring healing to those who struggle with suicide and the spirit of suicide. It is time to recognize what this epidemic is, call it out, cast it out and see America’s young people delivered. This is absolutely the best resource on the topic I have read. I commend Dr. Maria for her honesty and believe thousands of lives will be saved through this work. 

Pastor Jolynn DiGrazia
Westside Ministries, Turlock, California


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