The mission of Lifeline Outreach is two-fold: Improve & Empower

1. Improve the quality of life in Alaska communities statewide by distributing healthy food options to those who have been impacted by low-income and/or climate changes that affect subsistence living.

2. Empowering Alaska communities statewide with the tools necessary to overcome suicide, as Alaska ranks #1 nationally in suicide statistics.

Medical studies have shown that poor diet is related to depression. The quality of food we eat directly impacts our mental health. Lifeline Outreach only distributes food that is nutritious to the body and soul. All Alaska areas encouraged to request food, suicide

Especially targeting low income areas of Alaska and areas that find their subsistence lifestyle greatly hindered due to climate change. Many have not been able to harvest wild food sources such as whales, walrus, seals, elk, birds and fish. This not only affects nutrition, but also self esteem, thereby contributing to depression/suicide.

Working with local Alaskan farmers, grocery, and cargo companies, we can ship out food resources to help alleviate hunger. With these resources, we will bring a team of trained volunteers to reach into the heart of the communities with suicide prevention education. Equipping the people with the tools necessary to address suicidal tendencies in their personal lives, and thereby improve the entire family unit.

Alaska is in a fiscal crisis, and state funds to assist low income families have been greatly reduced. Basic necessities will not reach thousands of people, without the help of outside companies and nonprofit corporations partnering together to deliver food for the body and for the soul.

Gambell resident Edythe Tungiyan said, “With another low walrus harvest, my family is hurting. The $852 my family of four gets in food stamps each month doesn’t go very far when milk on the island is $15 and a 4-pound package of frozen steaks costs $50. Right now, we just don’t have anything.”

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